The Big Christmas PowerPoint

Christmas Explanation PowerPoint with accompanying bingo and follow-up activity. Speaking points on each slide!

Ahoy! I've used this for ES, JHS, and HS classes. Generally, the plan is to distribute a bingo sheet at the beginning of class before you begin the PowerPoint. During the PowerPoint they'll be able to mark off any words they hear and you can allow as many winners as you see fit (I would do 5-7ish). After the PowerPoint I transition into a drawing game.

Drawing Game Rules:
- Split class into two teams
- One student from each team comes up and grabs a random Christmas word from a pre-cut pile. Check if they understand the word, and if they don't quickly & secretly flip through the PowerPoint to that slide for them (ensure the class can't see the slide of course).
- Each student has 10 seconds (shorten this later as the students get comfortable with the game) to draw their word.
- Their respective team now has 30 seconds to guess what their team drew (ignoring the other team's drawing). If correct they get one point for their team.
- I enjoyed having those who drew be the people who decided who gets to draw next.

General teaching information...
- Cut some of the text heavy slides or simplify it.
- Focus more on "Oh what's this? Do you know?" type of delivery
- Bingo with 5th and 6th graders is OK if you really enunciate and emphasize when words are said.
- Afterwards allow questions, maybe do some crafts, or some simple worksheets (I used other people's materials for this). The words are too difficult to consider the standard drawing game for them.

- Consider dropping or zipping through some text-heavy slides for the 1st years.
- Play bingo as normal.
- Do follow-up drawing game as stated above.

- Keep the slides as is.
- I would not recommend bingo for most classes.
- Do follow-up drawing game as stated above.

PowerPoint Notes:
- All slides should have speaking notes, but of course say what feels natural to you!
- The focus is on America's perspective of Christmas.
- At the end are links to videos. These are optional if you'd like to include them. For the Christmas Montage specifically I do not recommend watching the whole video.

Every year for the past four years I've taken a little time to edit and make this Christmas PowerPoint better and better. Seeing as this is likely my last year, I've decided it's time to share it with all of you. Merry Christmas!

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