Valentine's Day in America and Card Craft

A presentation about how Valentine's Day is celebrated in America with a craft where students make roses are red violets are blue poems at the end.


  • Powerpoint
  • Enough blank A4 paper for the whole class
  • Black and red pens
  • Decoration materials (optional)
  • Vocabulary sheet (optional)


  • First I pass out a vocabulary sheet to students that has vocabulary used in the powerpoint. I tell them to listen for the words on the sheet while I am giving the powerpoint and to fill it in when they come up.

  • Next I start giving the powerpoint, explaining the differences between America and Japan on Valentines Day. In America, traditionally boys give presents to girls, but now everyone gives to everyone. What kind of gifts we give. Explanation of Cupid. Have them put in order the love meter. Explain how I celebrated Valentines Day in school. Ect.

  • After all the explanation, I pass out A4 sized paper (but you can use bigger or smaller if you want) to every student and show them a youtube video on how to make a Valentines envelope with a note inside. We all make the envelope and make sure no one is left behind. Its a pretty easy video though. Here is the link

  • Finally, once everyone is finished with their envelope, I explain the roses are red violets are blue poem and explain what rhyming words are. I show them a lot of examples of words that rhyme with blue and explain how to write their own poem. They can either make an original or copy one into their origami envelope card.

  • Students can then use the rest of class to have fun and decorate their envelopes or make more poems.


Small files
  • valentines vocab updated.docx (92.5 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Valentine's Day in America vs Japan.pptx (2.87 MB)
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    Submitted by MarinaS February 2, 2023 Estimated time: 45 mins - 1 hour
    1. Cambo_theavgactionhero February 6, 2023

      This is most excellent! I am definitely using this in class. Thank you!
      One thing I wondered though - is it OK to teach the kids how to say things like "I hate you"? Personally, I might stay away from phrases like that. Just my opinion.

    2. Charlesjh February 28, 2024

      Agreed, action hero. I will make some cuts, when I use it, but I will be using the bulk of it.

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