Roses are red poems for valentines day (or white)

This is a powerpoint to explain the infamous roses are red poems.

This is a powerpoint to explain the infamous roses are red poems.
It has 3 romantic examples, and 2 silly ones.
The last slide asks students to write their own poem. Throughout the PPT I've underlined the rhyming part to help them understand the pacing.
It works for any JHS grade. I've also used it with my adult eikaiwa students where it worked well.
You can use it for valentines day or white day too!

Students write their own poems~
They can write it on their tablets, as it's easier to change words around and test things out than wasting paper.
A worksheet for the students to write their own poems could work too, but my students have creative notebooks in which they can write theirs if the tablets aren't an option.
This can take up as much time as you need it to as students can write multiple poems.
You can have the students perform their poem to the class and vote on the best one to include a speaking element.

I just saw on another website this format for writing the poems which is great easier version! They just fill in the blanks.
________ are red,
________ are blue,
________ is sweet,
And so are you.

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