How's the Weather?- Card Collecting Game

Simple game using weather cards based on the power of Janken and Luck!

Students cut out the 6 weather cards in the back of their LG2 textbook and write their names on the back of each card. (My JTE had students cut the cards before my class, saving time).

-Each student starts with their own 6 cards.

-Janken with another student.
- Janken Winner asks, "How's the weather?"
- Janken Loser replies, "It's __________." and gives up that respective card to winner.

Students walk around class and Janken with each other, losing and collecting weather cards until time's up.
Students with zero cards are out and must sit down.
After the game, have students return cards to their owners, so hopefully they wrote their names on the backs of the cards!
You can also reward whoever gets the most cards with a sticker or something!

Some students figured out that they won't be out if they hoard their cards without challenging anyone, so watch out for that lol.

This game can be applicable to any topic or grade if you don't mind cuting dozens and dozens of cards. I also use it for Halloween "Trick or Treating" since the kids don't get real candy :'(
If anyone has an interesting variation to this, I would love to hear it!

Submitted by sgtheALT May 15, 2023 Estimated time: 3-5 minutes
  1. StoleUrMeme May 17, 2023

    Nice game! A variation I do is kind of like Go Fish - the loser of the Janken asks "How's the weather?", and the winner says "It's ____". If the loser has that weather card, they give one of it over, and the winner gives them a card in return so everyone always has the same number of cards. After 5 minutes or so, whoever has the most of one particular card type is the winner. I mostly use this for colours and fruit - what do you like/want etc.

  2. sgtheALT May 18, 2023

    Ooh that's a great idea! I like that everyone has the same # of cards. I'll try it soon thanks!

  3. SeanL May 23, 2023

    I do something very similar to Stole....they start with all different weather cards (6) and do RSP the loser asks the ? and the winner replies with the weather card that they want if the loser has it they give it up and the winner gives away a card they don't want...their goal is to try and get all of the same weather cards. Once they get all (6) the same they show the teacher and line up at the front of the room. Once about half of the kids are done I tell them to stop and sit down right where they are and then explain phase 2 where they do the same thing but try to get all different weather basically go back to what they had at the start (it doesn't have to be their own card anybodies card is ok). Of course this can be done with any vocab that they have about 6 different cards if I get the choice I usually pick the more difficult vocab for them to use....

  4. hnnhdwn May 23, 2023

    This is my 4th graders new favourite game now! Thank you!

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