DOES he ~ DOES she ~

NEW HORIZON 1 Unit 6 Story 3. Using the grammar "DOES". PLURAL VERB. A warm up activity

LEVEL: Junior High School Students
Sentence type: Question Sentences using "DOES" but can be changed according to target grammar.

Requirement: TV and your personal tablet.
Using this PowerPoint, I ask students to do a CRISS CROSS GAME. So, everyone will stand up.

The 1st slide consists of numbers that can be clicked. For the first question, the Japanese English teacher will be the one to choose a number. Then the student who gets the correct answer or grammar, will choose the next number. Then just repeat the pattern until everyone gets to sit down.

Disclaimer: This activity was inspired by another ALT but my apologies, I can't find the original file. Please comment below if you have the original. Thanks!

Feel free to comment down below for comments or suggestions on how to make it better. Thank you!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • warm-up game DOES.pptx (9.24 MB)
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    Submitted by maine_14 May 19, 2023 Estimated time: 5~10minutes or depends on the level of your students.
    1. moonA July 21, 2023

      I like this activity and I am considering this for our future lessons. My question is, is it possible to pop up the number slide right away after showing the answer? I tried using the back arrow but it would show the prior slides which would take a little time. Thanks in advance!

    2. susoncelyn September 29, 2023

      I think you should click on the picture and it takes you back to the number slide.. ^_^

    3. monadotme November 6, 2023

      some of the numbers don't go up to the questions

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