WH Question Practice Doraemon Feud Game

This is an edited version of UonumaRobert's Doraemon Feud Game. It's to practice the WH Questions ONLY from Lessons 1+2 of One World JHS 1.

The questions are a mix of What, Where, When, How and Who.

Rules and gameplay are exactly the same, I just point out that the students don't have to give true answers. This makes it easier for them to give different answers to the same question. For example, "I come to school by helicopter" is obviously not true but the English is OK and therefore it's a good answer.

I didn' t (and couldn't) make this powerpoint so all credit should go to UonumaRobert.

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  • Y1 L1+L2 WH question practice Doraemon Feud Game.pptx (5.22 MB)
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    Submitted by kusobaba May 22, 2023 Estimated time: 30 mins+
    Inspired by DORAEMON FEUD GAME

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