Spin The Wheel Warmup

I did not make the wheel - all credit goes to I just added the topics in. Can be edited easily to suit your needs.

Easy warm up that makes criss-cross a little more exciting.


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How to play

  • Have all students stand up.
  • Spin the wheel and ask who wants to go first.
  • Pick a student and tell them to say "stop".
  • Stop the wheel when the student says so and then ask them a question relating to the topic the wheel has landed on.
  • If they produce an appropriate answer, they can then select a direction (forward, back, left or right) to sit down.


  • When a student gets the 'SIT DOWN' option I do not let them choose a direction. They just sit down by themselves.
  • If you notice lots of students banking on their friend raising their hand and not answering questions themselves, add "only me" to the directional options and encourage students to leave their friends standing !
Submitted by TakoyakiTacos May 24, 2023 Estimated time: 10 minutes

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