New Horizon 1 Review Unit 0-2 Kahoot!

Kahoot! quiz for New Horizon 1 Unit 0-2

This is a fun review activity using Kahoot! for unit 0-2, there is about 30 question mostly from the textbook.
one or two question related to the city I work at so please edit them. some of the questions are tricky questions so it is fun to see if the students can figure it out or not. I used the free version of Kahoot so feel free to duplicate it and edit it however you like.
Hope this is useful.

Submitted by ramsey May 25, 2023 Estimated time: 25-30 minutes
  1. pieman827 May 25, 2023

    You may need to repost the link, it doesn't appear to be working for me.

  2. Rilakkuman May 26, 2023

    Thanks for sharing your activity, but the link seems to be broken. Can you repost it, please?

  3. ramsey May 26, 2023

    I fixed it, I hope its working now

  4. jasonX May 29, 2023

    Why is "don't like" shown as wrong in question 7? It would seem to be a valid answer.

  5. Rilakkuman May 29, 2023

    Thank you!

  6. ramsey June 1, 2023

    @jasonX the picture is showing sushi, so I like sushi. but you can make both correct.

  7. Aurelio Mizukami February 2, 2024

    @ramsey This is pretty nice. Thanks.

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