Job Interview Roleplay

This activity is meant to get the 3年生 to practice several grammar points from New Horizon 3, encourage them to have a laugh by making funny roleplays, and practice conversation.


I have not had the chance to put it into play just yet, and I'm still working out the details with my JTEs. But this activity includes a PowerPoint to explain the activity and give examples of the kind of words they can insert into the roleplay MadLibs-style, as well as a worksheet to write on.

The grammar points in this activity are the ones from New Horizon 3 Units 1, 2, and the first from 3.

The idea I have for how to run this class would be in the following way:
1) Go through the PowerPoint (which includes some silly inserted words that I know will make my students laugh, but feel free to edit it as you see fit)
2) Tell the students to pair up and work on a sheet together, partially roleplaying on the fly and partially brainstorming for words to write in the blank spaces to make a funny skit
3) Tell the pairs to go to another pair and read their scripts to each other
4) Ask the students to nominate the pairs they thought had interesting scripts to present their roleplay in front of the class (unless you have very active students that would volunteer themselves)

Small files
  • Job Interview Roleplay 3年生 Unit 3-1 まで.docx (38.4 KB)
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  • job interview roleplay.pptx (3.21 MB)
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