One Piece Puzzle Treasure Hunt

Solve a series of One Piece themed puzzles to become the pirate king!

This is a series of One Piece themed puzzles I put together for a class. Students work in teams and there is a loose story connecting the puzzles where the team is Luffy gradually making their way to the One Piece treasure. It doesn't require any knowledge of One Piece to play or run it though.

The puzzles are pretty hard, at least for my SHS 2年生, and on average they would get to, but not complete, the 4th (out of 5) puzzles (in fact no one has completed them all.

Since each team will have different levels of English, or may get stuck on particular points, it's important to be proactive in giving them hints (e.g. gradually giving out the first letter of each word for the crossword) to help them along. And in particular since puzzle 2 is multiple choice, I think it's a good idea to check the team's understanding of why an answer is correct if they just rub out a wrong answer and pick a new one. I also allow the students to use dictionaries.

It isn't testing any particular grammar or vocab, but I think you could adapt at least some of the puzzles for this if you wanted.

Puzzle 1 - crossword. The puzzle is on one excel tab, the answers on another.
Puzzle 2 - multiple choice reading comprehension.
Puzzle 3 - logic problem
Puzzle 4 - sentence arranging. This has two sheets to hand out - the puzzle and a map the team has to draw their route on.
Puzzle 5 - riddles.

Submitted by Mendoza June 1, 2023 Estimated time: 1 class / 50 minutes
  1. cosmicality November 6, 2023

    Hi! Looks super fun, going to use at my visit school later today. I'm going to change them this time since this is a spontaneous 'do a fun activity all period' class, but what are the riddle answers out of curiosity? I could solve everything else for the answers except riddle 1 and 3.

  2. Mendoza November 6, 2023

    Ah, I didn't think about providing the answers, oops! For the riddles, the answers are:
    1 - S and O (The letters are the first day of each month. In hindsight this is probably too hard).
    2 - Your sister
    3 - It's not raining.

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