"It’s ○○ for △△ to ~ ." - New Crown 2 GET Plus 2:

This is a lesson addressing JHS New Crown 2 pg. 34 GET Plus 2: "It’s ○○ for △△ to ~ ." ("It's difficult for me to run"). Includes a PowerPoint, worksheet and cards to facilitate a speaking activity.

This is a lesson plan for JHS New Crown 2 pg. 34 GET Plus "It’s ○○ for △△ to ~ ." It's a tricky grammar point, so please collaborate with your OTE on how to explain the nuances of the grammar so students will understand. This lesson is meant to practice the grammar point, not to necessarily teach it initially.

Here is the flow of the PowerPoint:

  1. Read the comic in the textbook with your OTE. Ask students to explain the meaning in Japanese. This is the point where my OTE explained the grammar in Japanese and students took a memo.

  2. Practice some more examples from the textbook and encourage students to create their own. "What is fun for you?", "What is difficult for you?"

  3. Distribute the worksheet!

  4. Check the meaning of the textbook word bank adjectives "easy, difficult, necessary, important..." Some students will hopefully know some of these already, but I encouraged them to write the meaning of any unfamiliar words.

  5. Every student will get a card with an activity on it. I laminate these and reuse them for every class. There are some silly ones in there. There are also a couple of cards specific to Hyogo, so feel free to customize to your area. That will make it more relatable for students as well!

Do an example of the dialogue on the worksheet using the cards with your OTE. Students take memo after each conversation and then switch partners (they can switch randomly or move seats by the first student moving to the back of the row and every student moving forwards.)
A: Let's (students read the activity on their card).
B: Its's OO for us/me/you to ~" (students use the word bank on their sheet to help).
A: I agree. / I disagree. / I see. (react)
A and B switch roles.

  1. Repeat until you run out of time or want students to do the dialogue for the class!
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    Submitted by janeenmp June 2, 2023 Estimated time: 50 minutes
    1. MrRedApple1 June 13, 2023

      That was great! Thanks.

    2. gambitbowson June 23, 2023

      These are all really well put together and will likely save me in next week's classes, thanks!

    3. gambitbowson June 23, 2023

      (Admin can you edit my previous comment to add this, thanks!) It might be worth mentioning that the verb cards slide 8 has a Hyogo specific example and that ALTs should change it to match their prefecture (for example, I changed it to Momotaro because I'm based in Okayama)

    4. janeenmp June 26, 2023

      @gambitbowson Thanks so much! That's a great point about customizing per your area!

    5. JulieW June 5, 2024

      This is a wonderfully put together resource! I don't speak/write Japanese well, so having resources that include some Japanese already is great for easier understanding. Then, my JTE doesn't have to add to it, it's already ready for use!

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