Bingo for dates

Students trace the dates and select 9 of them to play a game of bingo.

Bingo works well as a listening activity. With this sheet I get the students to select 9 dates (or OK or Hi). Tracing is an option.
When it comes to bingo, I prepare 3 callers cards and cut them up and put them in a bag. I take the cards dramatically and say the cards information (first , 19th 31st). I will say the information once or twice THEN show it or write it on the blackboard. This means they earnestly listen to me saying the numbers. I put in OK and Hi and I have found the students often pick these si I would recommend you to somehow cheat and select these towards the end of the game...that is if you want to do so.

Submitted by Furachan June 2, 2023 Estimated time: Over 5 minutes is possible, best would be 10 minutes or more.

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