Guess who (Are you vs Do you / Can you? )

Guess who focused on "Are you or Do you?" and "Are you or Can you?" questions

My take on the Guess who game. I made it for 1st graders in JHS so it's very basic English.

The 1st worksheet is used to choose a character. The 2nd worksheet is a cheat sheet to help the students to ask the right questions.

I use the slides to explain the game and then play 1 practice round of the teacher vs the class to make sure everybody understands.

The pronunciation of some names and jobs might be difficult so it has it in katakana too.

The link to the Slide Show

"Do you .... version"

"Can you .... version"

Have fun!


Updated it with a version that focuses on "Can you..."

Small files
  • Who am I characters.docx (799 KB)
  • Who am I questions.docx (217 KB)
  • Who am I questions CAN.docx (144 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Who am I characters CAN.docx (1.03 MB)
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    Submitted by BakutonoWes June 9, 2023 Estimated time: 10 min (explanations + 2 rounds)
    1. ashtoneleanorjp June 12, 2023

      Wow this is really well made! My students enjoy Guess Who, so thank you!

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