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BoBombs away! This is a simple game similar to Battle Ship but instead of Battle Ship's you have Mario characters hiding behind blocks. The rule is simple create a team vs a teacher or CPU. Students pick a character from the select screen to fight a random character. The student or team will take turn to try and answer a question. They will have two chances to get it correct. Once they get it correct, they will have to choose from three bombs on the screen. If they guess correct, they will find the opponent. Guess wrong, they'll blow themself up. There is also a life system that you can use to show who is wining. The team who survive, wins! This is just one way to play the game but you can play it any way you want. Hope you enjoy it.

Further explanation can be found here:

Submitted by MrBoverC June 9, 2023 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes per game
  1. robertsbp June 12, 2023

    I hate to be that guy but the characters are called Bob-ombs :p But amazing powerpoint, very well made!

  2. Nikaty January 25, 2024

    Really cool. Might try it on a class on the last day of term once I figure out what questions to use. Thanks!

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