Wordle Word List (High School)

A list of words taken from Viva 1 & 2, and All Aboard 2

About this Resource

A list of 5-letter words found in the back of the textbooks Viva I, Viva II, and All Aboard II. (Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of All Aboard I).

Word charts are listed alphabetically, categorized by school textbook. Viva II contains much of the same words as Viva I did, so I only included the new words found. Some words may be repeated in between the two textbooks.

This list does not include plural nouns (ex: baths, surfs), proper nouns (ex: Susan, Egypt), or words containing special characters (ex: hasn't. e-mail).

How to Play Wordle

Wordle is a word guessing game bought by the New York Times, where players guess a 5-letter word within 6 attempts. There are various ways you can adopt this for the classroom: online, offline, short warm-up or as a full class time activity.

  • for pen and paper worksheet format, please refer to WORDLE by bjpaull

I suggest for students to work in pairs or groups (solo results in students not attempting and/or slacking off). You may need your JTE to help check answers.

  • there are two options for online play then turn the link into a QR code to share using will generate a link and a shareable QR code.

Personally, I prefer the pen and paper, as my school wifi blocks the online links, and we are not a school with student iPads.

Happy Wordling!

Small files
  • Wordle List HS.pdf (423 KB)
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    Submitted by yonshojet July 5, 2023 Estimated time: 10 minutes to full class time
    1. Jake the Admin July 5, 2023

      Uh oh. Sorry about the PDF attachment error. If you're uploading on a school network, there might be some kind of network setting that prevents sending files. I wonder if it might work if you try it on a system outside of the school network? A smartphone might also work if you can access the PDF file from the phone.

    2. yonshojet July 5, 2023

      Confirmed! It was my school's wifi network. PDF should be up now! :)
      Thanks Jake!

    3. MrMomotaro July 7, 2023

      Just did a quick look through the lists and there are a lot more 5-letter words than I expected! However, on the All Aboard II list, I managed to find some 6-letter words that were mixed in. Specifically the words "chiily", "castle", and "supply". You may consider giving the lists one more quick look and make sure that all words are indeed 5 letters long.

    4. yonshojet July 10, 2023

      Thanks for catching that! I did this manually, so by the time I reached All Aboard, all the words were fuzzing together and looks like a few slipped through.
      I've uploaded a new PDF with those three words removed.

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