Gian's Cooking Request (Fruits & Vegetables)

Have your students shop using "One _____, please" to gather all of Gian's requested ingredients! (Made for ES 2nd graders but could be applied to other grades with a little bit of editing)

I made another Powerpoint with a story for kids to have fun with learning fruits and vegetables.

What you will need:

  • At least 8 sets of cards (groups should be in 2-3 per group)
  • Envelopes to put the cards in.
  • A projector/TV & computer/tablet to show this PPT
  • A table in the front for your “shop”

It takes a bit to set up/prepare the cards but the kids have a great time doing the activity!
I hope you have fun!

How I played:

Print out the Fruits and Vegetable cards (8 sets) and then laminate (optional), cut them up into individual cards and then divide the sets into 8.

(I printed out 16 sets so I could have all of the students in class in pairs, but 2-3 per group should suffice if you don’t want to make/have time to make a ton of cards)

Take out ~6-10 cards (or however many you want to take out) from each set and put them in a “shop” envelope.

You & your HR teacher (if they are willing to) will play as shopkeeper.

Break the class into groups/pairs after going over the vocab (the first half of the slides).

Each group gets one fruits and vegetable set (each set should be missing some cards)

Tell them that Gian wants to cook them something special, but they have to find the missing ingredients from their envelope.

After showing Gian asking them to find the missing ingredients, introduce “One ______, please” and tell them that they need to say this to the shop keeper when asking for their missing card.

I had them do it each time for each item instead of doing it all at once, but it’s up to you.
When they came up to shop and didn't know how to say a fruit/vegetable's name in English, I asked them to point at the card they want and then I would teach them how to say it and have them repeat after me.

Some groups will finish faster than others, tell them to sit down if they finish and double check they have 27 cards and they're all different.
If you're okay with the students walking around, then you could tell them that it’s ok to help their friends.

When all groups have found all of their missing cards, tell them to sit down and put the ingredients in their “pot” (envelope) in order.

Read off fruit/vegetable cards like karuta and then have them put it away in the envelope like they’re putting ingredients in a pot.
It’s a nice way to have them practice listening/understanding while having them clean up after themselves.
(if you don't have time you could probably skip this part)

After all of the fruits/vegetables have been called, show them the results (a Gian cooking disaster) and watch their reactions!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Fruit & Vegetable (ALTpedia).pptx (16.8 MB)
  • fv8sets.pdf (1.68 MB)
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    Submitted by Judekichi July 12, 2023 Estimated time: ~45 minutes
    1. mirai July 12, 2023

      Looks really fun, nice job

    2. wanifan July 13, 2023

      Looks fun! I'll definitely do this with my special needs class next semester!

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