1 Minute Challenge!

Challenge passing students to talk in English for 1 minute to get a sticker!

1 Minute Challenge!

There has been a push for more natural speaking practice for our students among my schools and from my JTEs. With that in mind, I had a low class day (in one of the schools that does small talk every class) so decided to set up a desk next to the gym (high traffic of overly confident students who don't give a fudge) and challenge the kids to talk to me for a minute without using ANY japanese (I am super strict on that). If they can do it they get a sticker. Great fun and super simple! A lot of students switch to Japanese quite quickly without thinking, but some can hang on for the whole minute.

I asked each student which grade they were in before starting so I had an idea of what level grammar to use (dishonest 3rd graders were quickly outed by their friends!). You will need a timer (I used my phone with the alarm silenced) and stickers of course. I plan to try to do it whenever I can and up the timer after a few weeks (up to 2 minutes I think for a good challenge and to make sure I can still fit a few students in the lunch break). It is intended for junior high schools, but I guess it could work at high school. Feel free to use my sign (change the name of course).

Counting the hours to summer holidays! Have a great one guys!

Submitted by jiggswalsh July 19, 2023 Estimated time: Your lunch break!
  1. atomaki August 2, 2023

    This is a great idea!

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