Matching Game (What ~ do you like?)

A PowerPoint game that tests listening comprehension skills for elementary third graders.

This game is best suited for the end of class, and is designed around Unit 5 of the Let's Try! 1 textbook.

You go through each slide, showing them the pictures and reading the following sentences.
- I like lemons.
- What color do you like?
- I don't like watermelons.
- What fruit do you like?
- I like basketball.
- I don't like rice balls.
- Do you like fruit?
- I like swimming.
- I like oranges.
- I like Peach.

After reading each one, you ask the kids which image fits what you said, A or B. Say "Who thinks A?" while raising your hand. "Who thinks B?" while raising your other hand. After each guess, you press next/spacebar/etc. to show the right answer.

Explain why the correct answer is the correct answer, always.

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    Submitted by melamachi September 8, 2023 Estimated time: 15 minutes

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