Dictations for Multiple Letters

Practice letter sound recognition and writing skills by spelling out words.

This is an activity that I do for New Horizon (5th grade) , it is on page 93 but anyone can do it without needing a text. In the text there are boxes set out for writing a bunch of letters. The teacher is meant to say the letters out loud and the students write them down. It is a good idea, Japanese students of English are still not used to some letter sounds like R, L, V, G and Z. E and I also confuse them.

To make this activity more interesting I spell out letters of famous/popular things&people: Spiderman, Dragon Ball, Doraemon. I also spell out colors or foods. The kids get escited trying to read what I spell out. To make it more challenging I sometimes spell the words back to front. I guess you could jumble them up too.

Submitted by Furachan September 11, 2023 Estimated time: About 5 to 10 minutes.

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