Criss Cross Game

This is a good warm up and can be used with most grades for basically any lesson to help kids use target phrases.

You can either do this game using the colored caps elementary students wear for P.E. or by having all the students stand up.

If you choose to use the caps have all the kids start with the same color as they are reverable.

Have the target questions on the board and try to have at least two you want to practice but you can really have as many as you want. For example, I like to use this game with third grade to practive what ___ do you like? because you can use sports, fruits, food, colors exc...

You or your JTE/HRT can ask one of the target questions. Choose a kid who is raising their hand to asnswer. If they answer correctly they choose criss, cross or you can add all. Criss is veritcal line or たて cross is horizontal line よこ all is everyone so if they were sitting they stand back up and if they were standing they sit.

If you use the hats its the same except they just switch the hat color.

Usually we set a timer for three minutes to start and then lower the time in subsequent rounds. You do not need to do this if you use the hats.

The goal of the game is to get everyone sitting before the timer goes off for the standing version of the game and for the hat version the kids with the color hats opposite of the starting color win. I use this game in all my classes and I have used it for classes with as few as nine students and they still had fun. I highly reccomend this game for larger, energetic classes.

It is a simple game but I hope you enjoy if you have never heard of it.

Submitted by maealyssa September 11, 2023 Estimated time: time varies but usually 5 minutes

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