Gesture game in mini groups

Using a set of flashcards get members of a group to gesture a flashcard and other members try guess what it is in English.

I had done guess the gesture game before in elementary school but always in a class , I mean one person at a time at the front of a class. And this is good, the students will hear more corect English if I am MCing the activity. Well , by chance I did a gesture game yesterday in a 6th grade class where they played the game in groups ofr 3 or 4. They loved it. There was a bit more Japanese spoken. The good point is there was a chance for 7 or 8 groups to be doing this game and so overall there was more participation than if I had done it with just one person at the front. I would heartily recommend doing this if you want to do a kind of active activity.
It was a 6th grade lesson I was doing and we are practicing about "I enjoyed ______ing" so this was the target language I wanted them to use. There is anattachment of the cards I used based on the New Horizon text. Just cut them out, put them in decks and let the students play the game.

Submitted by Furachan September 14, 2023 Estimated time: Over 10 minutes would be best.

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