What OO do you like? Kirby Sugoroku Game!

Kirby-themed sugoroku game for Let's Try 1 Unit 5.

This is a sugoroku game I made for 3rd grade to practice "What OO do you like?"/"I like..." for unit 5 of the Let's Try! textbook, themed it to Kirby just because my students love that little round pink creature ( do I). I think it could be also used by 4th/5th grade as a review for the first units in the textbook.

- Sugoroku board - laminated A3 size.
- SPECIAL KIRBY DICE! - you will need to make these in advance, also make sure the students know to be careful with them and not throw them around too hard! (side note, I'm sorry if they're a little bit hard to put together, I just used a dice template off Google and added my pictures and text)
- Dice
- Counters (e.g. erasers)

The basic rule is if a student lands on the "ROLL!" square, they get to roll the SPECIAL DICE, which will land on either colour/sport/food/fruit/animal/character. The other students will ask "What OO do you like?" and they answer "I like OO." e.g. if the special dice lands on the Character square, it would be "What character do you like?" "I like Kirby."

You are more than welcome to change up the other squares, but they are as follows~
Dice - roll again
+ 2 / -2 - go forward/back 2 squares
Stop sign - miss a turn
Janken Time! - choose someone in your group to play janken against, whoever wins gets to move +1 space forward! (if my classes were a bit smaller, I would've made this janken with ALT or HRT but that would've been too much running around with my giant classes, haha!)
Arrows - go back/forward.

My classes had about 15-20 mins to explain the game and to play, and I had groups of around 5 students and only 1 or 2 students in each class actually made it to the finish, so I would either suggest that smaller groups are better, or allow more time to play if possible. But they all had a good time and I heard lots of English being used, so it worked out ok :)

I hope if you use the game, your students also enjoy it!

Small files
  • What OO do you like dice KIRBY.docx (368 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • What do you like boardgame Kirby.docx (2.82 MB)
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    Submitted by charlotte September 20, 2023 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes (depending on group size)
    1. jhagonzales September 21, 2023

      This is fun! I will use is for my classes. Thanks a lot for creating this!

    2. Odachans September 21, 2023

      As someone who's known in my schools as being a huge Kirby fan, this is GREAT and so adorable! Thank you.

    3. charlotte September 25, 2023

      @jhgonzales - thank you! I hope your classes enjoy it :-)

      @Odachans - Thanks! Haha, me too, I carry all my materials around in a Kirby ecobag so I was like hmmm I guess I'll just lean into this lol

    4. mintaro October 4, 2023

      Used this today in my class ... it was a HIT with the kids !!! Laminated the KIRBY dice too , Took me an hour to prepare but it was all worth the effort. BIG thanks !

    5. charlotte October 6, 2023

      @mintaro Aww, thanks for letting me know it went well! Laminating the dice is such a good shout too!

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