NH2 Unit 4 - "Do you have to...?" Interview Bingo

An adaptation of regular bingo that uses "Do you have to..." questions and has the students answer with either "Yes, I do" or "No, I don't", as well as a random name generator for a spicy twist.

This is an activity I've used for a few years that is really flexible and adatpable to other grammar points. I have always called it Interview Bingo or Name Bingo, but it seems to be different from the other "Interview Bingo" activities on here. The way to get a bingo involves using a random name generator, but more on that later. Here's a rundown of the activity:

  1. I practice the pronunciation of the sentences in the squares with the students, as well as the answers "Yes, I do" and "No, I don't".
  2. Students will make pairs with whomever they can and ask questions from their bingo sheet until their partner answers with "Yes, I do". (If the partner says "No, I don't", they ask a new question until they get the "yes")
  3. Once they have answered with a "yes", they will write their partner's name in that square. Then the students swap roles.
  4. Once each student has said "yes" once, they split to make new pairs.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until the specified time limit is up or until most students have filled their sheet. Make sure to emphasize to the students that they're not just getting bingo by writing names down, and encourage them to fill up the sheet with a variety of names
  6. After the time is up, I have the students sit down and take out a red pen/marker. Then I use a random name generator (link provided below to the free website I use) and start picking random names of students.
  7. If the students have that name written on their bingo sheet (meaning they interviewed that student and they said "yes" to a question), they circle it with the red pen. Repeat until a number of students have gotten a bingo.

The activity I'm posting here is for Unit 4 of NH2, but you could simplify the grammar for ES level ("Do you like ~~?") or change the grammar to another point for JHS (Do you know where/who/what ~~?)

Random Name Generator:
To access the Random Name Generator, go to the bottom left and click "Randomizer". If it's not there, check under the "More Widgets" button.
Then click "Open Settings" and enter the names in the list on the right. If you make an account (free with no subscriptions), you can save up to 3 lists of names. This can be heplful if you have a small number of classes.

Submitted by MrMomotaro September 25, 2023 Estimated time: 15-25 minutes (total), 5 minutes for practice/explanation, 10-15 minutes for activity, 2-5 minutes for randomizer

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