Animal Crossing - Giving Directions

Practice giving directions (turn right/left, go straight for x blocks.. you can see it on your right/left) to help the (animal) tourists visiting the island!

This should be a pretty simple activity! It starts off with a review of buildings/locations(based on the 5th grade New Horizon textbooks but applicable to others I believe) around the island map with a few additions to give it a more Animal Crossing/Forest feel, then the students can start the main activity—guiding different visiting animal villagers to their preferred places! I put circles on the map to make it easier for the students to count blocks. I didn't put any "correct" route though--the kids are free to make their own path as long as it reaches the goal in the end!

I typically do this as a whole-class activity, going through the first few requests together as a class, and then once everyone gets comfortable doing it, I'll ask volunteers to come up to the front to show how they would give directions to the lost tourist. Alternatively, you can also try doing it as a pair/group activity, though I haven't personally tested that yet.

Since there are usually some kids who can't see the projector/tv screen clearly in big classes, I also made a printable/digital version of the town map as well so that everyone can follow along. c:

As always, feel free to edit this to fit your own classes. Hope you and your students enjoy it!

btw: I generated the animalese audio using this website ->

Edit: I updated the files a bit! I added another slide to say that the circles mean blocks, and added "excuse me" to some of the animals' text boxes! (Not all of them though.) I also made a separate 2nd year JHS version that has an additional slide about how long it takes to walk a block. I arbitrarily chose 3 minutes, which may seem too slow for a block, but animal crossing animals don't exactly walk at a fast pace.. 😂

Small files
  • NEW Animal Forest - Giving Directions Printable Map.pdf (479 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • NEW 5th Grade Animal Forest - Giving Directions (more polite ver).pptx (13 MB)
  • NEW 2nd Years Animal Forest - Giving Directions.pptx (13.2 MB)
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    Submitted by larimarly September 26, 2023 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes
    1. jbjoker2 September 28, 2023

      This is worthy of so much praise! Amazing looking, fun little animations and informative. Fantastic job and thank you for uploading this!

    2. mssamansa September 28, 2023

      This is beautifully made!! Thank you so much I've been trying to find a good, easy map to use for this unit!

    3. hashiryuta31 September 28, 2023

      Is it all made using only the MS Powerpoint? Amazing!

    4. robertsbp September 28, 2023

      This is incredible! We have the directions unit coming up soon, and this will be extremely useful. Thank you so much!!!

    5. JordynP September 28, 2023

      Wow this is amazing! I really want to use this for my JHS second years I think they would love this but idk how to make edits to it if I can but if no edits can be made I will figure something out cause I really want to use this lesson lol

    6. charlotte September 28, 2023

      Woah, this is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to use it when my students get to this unit!

    7. larimarly September 29, 2023

      Thanks everyone. I hope your classes have fun~ c:

      @hashiryuta31: Yep, it's all powerpoint.. even the town map image was made in ppt lol
      @JordynP: Oh, feel free to edit it to fit your needs! The formatting can be pretty messy; if there's anything in particular you want to do, I might be able to help?

    8. Furachan September 29, 2023

      Nice work, well done!!

    9. JordynP September 29, 2023

      @larimarly omg yes that would be so helpful! I am just struggling to change the title from 5th grade to 2nd years and I was wondering how did you make the screen go dark and have the locations light up I want to add a key for time since this is 2nd years JHS they are learning "how long will it take" so I was thinking of adding like random time frames but i dont want to mess up all the amzing animations that you have done lol

    10. larimarly October 2, 2023

      @JordynP: I can upload a new version that has 2nd years as the title, no problem :D Just that the font will be different since I originally made those images a long time ago and forgot the font.. To make the screen go dark I added a large semi-transparent black rectangle that covered the whole screen, then put the lit up images above it in the same position as they are on the map on the very bottom. I was thinking that if you want to add a time element to it, you can put a not saying the time it takes from one block/circle to another as being x minutes? How does that sound?

    11. ratclass October 2, 2023

      man this is SO awesome!!!!!

    12. JordynP October 2, 2023

      @larimarly omg thank you so much! Sorry for causing trouble but thank you again! I want to try and make the nook phone be the map but idk how to do that lol might just make a box or something but everything you said sounded good! :D

    13. Angela October 2, 2023

      Thanks a bunch. This is great!

    14. larimarly October 2, 2023

      @JordynP: I uploaded a "2nd Years" version for you~ c: I added two slides to mention blocks and the time it takes to walk one block. Feel free to change things as you want!

      For everyone else, thanks! Sorry to be a bother, but I updated the main file as well to include that slide about blocks, as well as made some of the animals say "Excuse me", because they are classy and polite. xD

    15. JordynP October 2, 2023


    16. JordynP October 2, 2023

      Sorry for the spam but i can not express enough how much i really appreciate the 2nd year slides THANK YOU AGAIN! <3

    17. monadotme October 3, 2023

      I don't have words how to appreciate this master piece. It reflects your hard work. thumbs up!

    18. genieg October 6, 2023

      You had me at Animal crossing ! I hope There's stars I can give you and rate is five -stars!!

    19. JordynP October 6, 2023

      Just want to say thank you again for this my students were so amazed and they loved it so much! Thank you again!!! <3

    20. larimarly October 10, 2023

      @JordynP: Great, I'm glad your students enjoyed the activity! c:

    21. ashtoneleanorjp October 19, 2023

      This is gorgeous thank you!

    22. mangomomon October 23, 2023

      My students loved it thank you! I was wondering where did you make the map? I would love my students to make one for an activity!

    23. larimarly October 24, 2023

      @mangomomon: Yay! As for the map, I made it all in powerpoint actually.. using a lot of shapes(especially the "freeform" custom shape option to 'draw' the base island), lines, and ofc irasutoya for the pictures of buildings/plants/etc. It'll likely be very difficult/time consuming for the students to make their own completely from scratch, but perhaps they can use a blank map and paste the buildings wherever they like instead?

    24. lxxlxdhx October 26, 2023

      This was so well made and it was such a treat for the kids who play Animal Crossing cause they were really excited to see which character needed directions. Used this as a main activity for the 5th graders and review for the 6th graders, it went really well and fun. Thank you so much! :)

    25. mangomomon October 26, 2023

      Thank you! We were able to use this PPT previous class. Then, this class we made our own map. It is a lot of work to make the map myself from scratch. Instead, I used a blank map and made the students paste locations (with names) and draw their own streets. They (class of 3 students lol) took turns presenting, asking the question, and answering them.

    26. sailormoon November 8, 2023

      I used this yesterday and it went over SO WELL with the students! Thank you for making this!

    27. ohnoko November 13, 2023

      Wow wow wow!!! This powerpoint is SO well made! Thanks for sharing your hard work!

    28. Archer23 November 16, 2023

      Wow! It's amazing! It helps me a lot. This is great! Thank you so much.

    29. GinaG November 30, 2023

      I was worried that I wouldn't get participation from my one class, but this proved me wrong! Kids were shouting answers, and they would lose their mind when I would intentionally follow the wrong directions given by my rowdy kids. The way I see it, being able to intentionally give wrong directions means they do in fact understand. For added dismay, when they say to go back, go ALL the way back, it's quite funny x)

      My only wish is the the map was editable. I wanted to print out a version of the map with only the streets and locations as I don't have access to print out such a color heavy sheet. ^^;

    30. larimarly December 4, 2023

      @ GinaG: Sounds like your class had a ton of fun! c: My kids would generally try to give straightforward directions even after I do an example or two where I'd go in a really roundabout way, lol

      My guess is that it's too late for your class at this point, but I can check if I have any previous versions of the map saved somewhere! I believe I had a blank version, though the streets may be sort of different. If I find it, I'll upload it here too!

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