Fruits and Vegetables BINGO

Introduction lesson or review of the fruits and vegetables in the form of BINGO.

This is a classic game of BINGO that you can play with your students to review their fruits and vegetables.

The word list is based on the list from Let's Try 2. In order to create a 5 x 5 BINGO board, the four corners are free spaces and there are three vocabulary words that are not fro Let's Try 2, but most students should be familiar. The three vocabulary words that are not from Let's Try 2 is watermelon, lemon, and grape.

There are 8 premade BINGO boards that have the icons shuffled around. If you have a big class size you can either have multiple students using the same board, work in pairs, or you can always copy the BINGO board slide and shuffle them around to create a different board.

I have included a fun spinning wheel to help make the activity more engaging. You can have a student spin the wheel to reveal a fruit or vegetable and then remove that fruit or vegetable from the wheel since each one can only be chosen once. You do not have to use the spinning wheel. You can always call out the fruits and vebetables at random to your liking.

BINGO Boards:

Spinning Wheel:

Submitted by lyndsiebarcus October 19, 2023 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes

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