Writing for Sounds Phonics

Uses letters C K E H R M D to make words that students listen to and then write to check for phonics understanding

I based the activity around Jolly Phonics group 2. This is a cumulative activity, so it includes S A T P I N from Jolly Phonics group 1 (I have a group 1 activity posted). You can use the Jolly Phonics songs if you want, but you don't have to. I would recommend reviewing the phonics sounds before this activity unless your class is very strong at phonics.

The presentation starts with some letter combination practice. CK CR and DR with sick, crayon, and drive as examples. Review these with the students, and then explain the activity. First, read the word aloud. Be very clear, and you can even sound out the individual sounds after saying it the normal way. The kids will write the sounds that they hear. Then, you will use the presentation to reveal the correct letters.

WORDS USED: mat, hen, hit, drip, sack, print

I made this slideshow using Canva. I found a free phonics template and made the presentation. If, for whatever reason, the downloadable presentation doesn't work for your purposes, you can very easily recreate this the presentation in Canva with whatever changes you want to make. I am giving you full permission to steal from me :)

Submitted by awing November 24, 2023 Estimated time: 10-20 minutes

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