XMAS Tree Boardgame 🎄

Try to be the first one to reach the star on top of the 🎄 with this Christmas-themed boardgame template!

I happened to stumble across this boardgame I made a while back in 2019 and thought I'd share it!

The template can be used to cover anything you'd like.

How to adjust the transparency of the tiles:
- Select all the tiles to modify them all at once
- Right clicking on one tile
- Click "format shape"
- Under fill, adjust the transparency by moving the bar

NOTE: If you want to place the boardgame on the blackboard, please print out the blackboard version. You'll need to print all the pages in A4, cut them out and then laminate them. If you can, make sure you stick magnet tape/stickers at the back.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Christmas Boardgame (Blackboard Ver.).pdf (2.35 MB)
  • Christmas Boardgame (Wide Ver.) (JPG Ver.).jpg (34 MB)
  • Christmas Boardgame Ver. (Blank) (JPG Ver.).jpg (20.8 MB)
  • Christmas Boardgame.pdf (3.12 MB)
  • Christmas Tree Boardgame Template.pptx (2.36 MB)
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    Submitted by unoplusunoistu November 27, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 mins (as long as you like really)
    1. robertsbp November 29, 2023

      oh my gosh Maplestory!!! that brought back waves of nostalgia, thank you fro this! it's super cute <3

    2. unoplusunoistu November 30, 2023

      @robertsbp Yes!! I still like Maplestory even after all these years! Which server did you play on?

    3. sushi November 30, 2023

      Awesome! Where did you get the images from Maplestory? It looks great! (OG Khaini server mapler)

    4. unoplusunoistu December 4, 2023

      @sushi I used Bannedstory. It's a desktop application, but it no longer works anymore since Adobe Flash Player removed Flash Player 2 years ago.
      There is a workaround to get it to work by using a another 3rd party flash player but I have never done it before.
      If you want the link to download Bannedstory, please let me know.
      (I'm an OG Broa mapler btw)

    5. erick1473 December 4, 2023

      This is amazing! Playing Maplestory during Christmas break was one of my favorite childhood memories, this boardgame you made gives me happyville vibes. I was on Winda back in the day but play reboot once in a while nowaday especially around Christmas time.

    6. unoplusunoistu December 5, 2023

      @erick1473 Yes!! I LOVED happyville and wasting my mesos on Christmas decorations for the tree. 😭😭😭
      I'm glad to see so many maplers here on this site ;_;

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