World Tour (I want to.../Do you want to...?)

Intended to be a [I want to/Do you want to...?] review for my special needs JHS students. This could be used for 5th grade NEW HORIZONS Unit6 review as well.

REVIEW "I want to..." and "Do you want to...?" grammar with your students. A modified version of the slideshow I made for them will be provided if you'd like to use it!

1. Depending on your class size, divide students into groups of 4-6 or play as a class.
2. Each student places a marker on Japan.
3. Janken to see who goes first. Go clockwise from the winner.
4. The rest of the group asks "Where do you want to go?"
5. The student playing says "I want to go to [country]."
6. If they land on their desired country, they earn 20 points. For example, if they say "I want to go to India" and roll a 3 from Japan, they earn 20 points. They can earn an extra 5 points by saying what they want to do there.
7. However, they can still earn 10 points by saying what they want to do in the country they landed in. For example, if they want to go to Korea, but they land on Italy, they could say "I want to eat pizza" or "I want to go to Venice", etc.
8. If one student lands in the same country that another student is "in", their question must be formatted as "Do you want to...?" instead of "I want to..."
9. If they pass through Japan (one cycle around the world), they earn 15 points.
10. The first player to 100 points is the winner.

POINTS SYSTEM (Summarized for easy reading, also provided in the Powerpoint)

0 points = land on a different country, say nothing
10 points = land on a different country, say “I want to [go to/eat/drink/see/buy]…”
15 points = pass through Japan (one cycle around the world)
20 points = land on the country you choose
25 points = land on the country you choose and use “I want to…”

- The classes I made this game for are very small, so explaining the rules more than once is not an issue. This is partially why this game is recommended for older students/smaller class sizes! However, if you pair students together in groups, they can also teach each other the rules.
- You can print out the map and have students use physical markers (like erasers) but we are using tablets for this activity to reduce paper waste.
- The review and map/board involve a lot of hand-holding because there is a large discrepancy in how much our confident our students are in speaking English. I will provde the Powerpoint I made the map on as well if you'd like to edit it.
- You can use physical dice, or, if you're playing with a small class, you can have students roll "dice" using a website. I find it to be exciting when the whole class is involved!

Small files
  • WorldMapPDF.pdf (489 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • World Map.pptx (2.07 MB)
  • WorldTourREVIEW.pptx (15.8 MB)
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    Inspired by World Tour Game

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