Could you... (Polite language) Manga Project

Showing the kids how to use "could you" and "would you" via a team comic making project

Large (A3) pieces of coloured/White paper, one for each team.
Medium (B4) sized paper for planning.
9 Secret cards
One example page (Make yourself)
Pens and paper.

First explain that the class will be making a comic and then show them the powerpoint.

Each team will get a secret card with a "Could you..." sentence on it. They randomly take it and keep it secret from the other teams. In their groups they make a 3-5 panel comic where there's a gap for the "Could you..." sentence. Show them an example that you have made - see the ones that I made in the attached photos. You can get it on the projector (if you have one) by holding it up to your laptops camera.

Give them 15 minute first to think of the idea and plot it out on the B4 piece of paper, so that they can plan the panels, the sentences etc. Then give them the larger pieces of paper to draw the actual comic. Make sure they fold the bottom of the paper like I did in the example, and glue the secret card to the hidden portion of the page.

In the class afterwards, give them some time at the start of the class to put the finishing touches on their comic (color, ink, whatever), then start the game.

First hand out the whiteboards. Each group will show their work to the class and each team has to guess what the sentence is. The students will demonstrate their comic by reading it out in front of everyone, then the other teams will have a minute or two to write what they think the sentence is on their whiteboard. At the end of the time, they unfold the paper to reveal what their sentence and card were.

They can only get one "hint", which is the verb, but the rest should be exactly the same as the sentence to get a point!

Submitted by LeoC91 February 9, 2024 Estimated time: 2 classes
  1. hannahacorn June 10, 2024

    This looks really cool! Thanks for sharing. Trying it with my Jr high kids this week!

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