Spoken English/Slang Quiz

A powerpoint quiz for Junior or Senior High School students that tests them on English slang/spoken phrases. A fun way to teach spoken English that the students won't find in textbooks!

In this powerpoint quiz, you can test your students abilities to guess the meaning of English slang words from their context.

All you have to do is split up the class into teams (if you have a small class students can also compete as individuals) and hand out one whiteboard and marker to each group. After reading out the spoken phrase, and the example sentences, each group will write down their guess as to what the word means.

I like to give them about 2 minutes per question to discuss and think it over, and then have them all raise their whiteboards. You can then give points to the teams who guess right (or at least came close). I let them write down their guesses in Japanese, so if you don't speak Japanese you can recruit your JTE to help you check their answers. Although if your students are very high level, you could also get them to guess in English!

I'm Canadian, so these spoken phrases might not apply to ALT's who come from different areas of the world. Feel free to edit the powerpont to add in phrases from your country, or subtract the ones you don't like!

Happy teaching!

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    Submitted by kaylaw February 21, 2024 Estimated time: 30 minutes
    1. genieg February 22, 2024

      Thank for you effort. I'm going to try this. Thanks again.

    2. scrying February 26, 2024

      This is cute. I think it would go over quite well in my Special Needs classes.

    3. kuhlista February 26, 2024

      This is so well made!! Thank you so much!

    4. bugg_ February 29, 2024

      Very well made!!! Love the art and chosen slang. Where did you get the art from?? It looks so wonderful! :o

    5. mssamansa March 1, 2024

      Adorable slides!!! Can't wait to use this!

    6. kaylaw March 4, 2024

      @bugg_ I get all my art from canva! They have really cool templates for making presentations!

    7. jtdcalt March 6, 2024

      Nice! This worked really well for my third year JHS students. One note: for question 7's answer, it highlights A, but the answer box says D. I believe the correct answer is A.

    8. kaylaw March 13, 2024

      Hey @jtdcalt, sorry about that, you're correct, the answer is A!

    9. benjisjp June 4, 2024

      You ate this ;D

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