Description Activity Warm-up

Share images on LOILO NOTE and have students talk in pairs and describe about something they choose from the list.

Here's a PowerPoint divided into categories. (characters, places, etc.)

Save the content of the slide as an image to be uploaded on Loilo Note. (NO MORE PRINTING)
Save the content from the next slide with the corresponding conversation example and tool box expressions.
Link both images so it's easier to move back and forth.

You or the students decide who goes first.
Have students describe as many things as possible within the allotted time, up to you how long you want it to be.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • description.pptx (10.9 MB)
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    Submitted by fukutanisan April 4, 2024 Estimated time: ~10 minutes
    1. Jake the Admin April 9, 2024

      Sorry about this one. I did a manual admin approve on it because of the bug with file attachments. It should be working now.

    2. fukutanisan April 9, 2024

      Thank you for the approval. That's okay, take all the time necessary because this isn't only for me but for everybody.
      I hope my submission is useful in any way. :)

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