NATO Phonetic Alphabet

My students have a difficult time spelling words and don't understand what I mean when I try to use phonetic words, so this introduces them to the NATO phonetic alphabet.

A powerpoint with an introduction to the NATO phonetic alphabet, with explanations on how it is useful. I also explain that I do not memorize ALL of the NATO phonetic alphabet, but sometimes use whichever word first pops up in my head that starts with the designated letter I am describing. Also attached is a worksheet that allows students to create their own phonetic alphabet. This powerpoint and activity would probably only take around 25 minutes to complete.

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    Submitted by Kuulei April 10, 2024 Estimated time: 25
    1. GemTheGaijin April 12, 2024

      I like this, it could also be used for students to make some fun, easy-to-crack codes for each other. Thanks for sharing!

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