Monster Dash

An Almost Mario Kart style activity for Halloween

Submitted by UonumaRobert

September 4, 2019

Inspired by: Halloween Quizzes

Inspired by: ALMOST MARIO KART Powerpoint Game

Inspired: Halloween Quizzes

Inspired: Christmas Dash

Inspired: Deep Sea Race / Summer Festivals Quiz

Estimated time: 25 minutes and a full lesson with the Halloween Quiz


I used to pair this with Halloween quizzes but I found it took to long. Its best as a stand on its own activity. You could do a little halloween introduction but I would keep it short if you are using this.

The 2021 activity for practicing 'I learned how to cook' or 'I know how to speak English' has reading pages. Before each race you should read out the information about the character. The answers to the questions are based on that information. Maybe give the groups enough time to take memos on the backs of their worksheets.

Also I removed most of the old grammar tags. I'm not sure how specific they were to old textbooks. I'll add them back as I use and update this activity. The old stuff is probably still go for a reference.


  1. Along with the JTE introduce the language target for the lesson and explain that we'll do fun race game to practice the language.

    1. Begin the example with the ALT in the roll of teacher and the JTE in the roll of student.
    2. Go to the example screen slide and have the JTE select to play a character.
    3. ALT then asks the first question to the JTE. For example 'What does Doraemon eat?' The JTE pretends to write the answer then comes to the ALT with the answer 'He eats dorayaki'. Say 'great' and click on their character button or character depending on the version. This will cause the character to move one space and then ask question number two 'Does Nobita like Shizuka?' and JTE will pretend to go back to their group, and tell them question two, make it clear a new member must come with the answer for question two and then hear question three.
    4. Repeat these steps until the fourth question has been answered.
    5. Then click on goal to show that the 1st place team gets 5 points, 2nd place team gets 4 points, 3rd place team gets 3 points and all remaining teams get 2 points regardless of where they finish. After the third place team has finished I generally set a 10 second timer to bring the round to an end.
    6. Record the team points on the board and then hit the continue arrow to move to the next screen.
    7. At this point I have the students make groups and hand out the worksheets.
    8. Once they are in groups I show them the next screen. If you click once it will have all the characters drive by. Have one member from each group come up and pick their character card and bring it back to the group. Then ask each group what character they picked and write them down on the board for each group.
    9. Proceed to the round. There are a few small differences. Naturally there are nine characters rather than two. Before starting I tell the students they should answer the question, one member goes to the JTE with their answer. After the JTE checks the answer that student comes to me and tell me their team name. I move the character then give them to next question. After the round is finished check answers and reward each team their points.
    10. Before continuing to round two the bonus screen comes up. If they want they can pick a number box and either get a (+5, +3, +2, +1 or -3). One member from each group comes and picks a box. The ALT handles the computer and the JTE modifies the team scores. Once done continue to the next round and the next set of questions.

The bonus round is open to any team that wants to gamble on getting extra points. I find this greatly increases motivation.

Click on the moon to see the answers.

You can use this link to see a presentation that can help with editing my activities and making your own.


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