"I think" game and writing

Students practice expressing their honest opinions with "I think" while playing a game and then writing about what they said during the game.

Submitted by rebvandev

September 4, 2019

Estimated time: 30-50 minutes

This activity works well for advanced students. It gives them a chance to speak their minds and express how they feel. If you have unmotivated students, this might be difficult.

Make some cards for each group with interesting nouns on them (Sorry I don't have this included. I have the list of words I included on the back but not the cards themselves), and put a number on each card that represents its point value. I used 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 for point values.

  1. Review how to use the word "because". The structure for this activity is "I think (noun) (is/are) (adjective) because (reason)."
  2. Hand out the worksheets and practice the new adjectives on them (my students really got a kick out of some of the negative adjectives I put on there).
  3. Practice the example sentences and words on the back as well.
  4. Have them make lunch groups or groups of 4 and pass out the game cards.
  5. They take turns drawing cards. If they can make a sentence, they can take the card and thus receive the number of points on the card. For example, if they draw McDonald's, maybe they can say, "I think McDonald's is awesome because I love hamburgers."
  6. Whoever has the most points wins.
  7. After the game, have them write at least 4 sentences. There are 8 lines for writing. Advanced students can write up to 8 sentences.

**This worksheet doesn't have anything for "I DON'T think", so some students wrote, "I think ---- is not ----."

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