The Ogasawara Islands - Word search

This is a word search using the story about The Ogasawara Islands

Everyone's way of doing this will vary, here's my take:
1. Draw arrows on the board (one point up, one pointing right) and write he word 'Up' an 'Right' next to them - drill these words
2. Give the handout: I always get two students to do this: they ask 'How many', the person at the front of each row of students must say the number and 'please', the student standing with the worksheets hands the appropriate number and says 'here you are'
3. Go through number one/read it together once or twice and ask for the missing word (bother)
4. Students complete the worksheet. Walk around and support students in difficulty, if the co-teacher is in the classroom ask them to help students too.
5. This worksheet typically divides students: some complete it quite quickly and some are really challenged. In this situation I ask students who have completed the worksheet to walk around the class and help peers who are struggling. I use these instructions (or words to this effect) 'you are a teacher now, please help others this is difficult for. This is not conversation time. Do not give them the answer, give them a hint'. Said in a nice way, this almost always brings out the maturity in students and interaction skills MEXT always asks us to develop in students - those that finish fast are likely to be students who work hard and are more mature. Soon you'll have half the class walking around helping others. You can write the answers on the board while the students are being autonomous. Stop when you feel that the class can't progress any further and go through the answers.

Submitted by ALTTO September 5, 2019 Estimated time: 20-40 minutes

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