Winter Break Bingo

Students ask each other if they did different activities over Winter Break. If the answer is "yes," they sign their names under the activity. The first student to have a Bingo wins.

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Originally submitted by Alyson Carr on Jan 2, 2010.


  • Introduce the activity by asking students what they did over Winter Break.
  • Ask if they know the game Bingo, which they will, and explain this activity is a type of Bingo where they have to get four across, down, or diagonal to win.
  • After handing out the bingo cards, demonstrate with the JTE and a student. Ask the JTE, "Over winter break, did you play a video game?" Before class, instruct the JTE to say, "No, I didn't." Then ask the student, "Over winter break, did YOU play a video game?" If the student says, "Yes, I did." have him/her write their name in the video game box. Or ask various students until you receive a "Yes" response.
  • Explain that they only sign if their answer is "Yes, I did." Four signatures in a row (across, down or diagonal) is needed to win. When they have a bingo, they yell, "Bingo!"
  • Students circulate, asking each other if they did the different activities on the board. The first student to get a bingo wins a prize (sticker, candy, high-five from ALT, etc.).
  • After the game is over, have the students return to their seats and follow-up with a show of hands how many students threw a snowball, ate mochi, visited family, etc.


  • This activity could be used as a high school warmup, too.
Submitted by Englipedia Archive November 21, 2019 Estimated time: 10-20 min

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