Who Likes Monsters

Students write third person sentences. Then play the Englipedia's Squares game, only a halloween version.

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November 22, 2019

Estimated time: 50 min

Archived from Englipedia.
Originally submitted by Richard Benoit on Oct 22, 2010.

Detailed Explanation:

  • Give some examples of the third person on the board: he, she it, etc.
  • Pass out the worksheet and go over the pronunciation of all the monster names.
  • Check for listening comprehension. ALT: "Dracula likes orange juice." Students would then check the pictures located in Dracula's box then say "NO!"
  • Have students write five sentences for any monster of their choosing. Example: Medusa likes pizza.
  • Next collect all the questions.
  • Play the Halloween version of Englipedia's game, Squares.


  • You can turn the first part into a listening activity where one student tells the other student "He likes (something)." The other student listens then guesses the monster.
  • You can incorportate "doesn't like" into the first part.
  • Jay's Variation: The first time I played the Who Likes Monsters? squares game, I found that some students finished much faster than others. This worksheet is something that you can give to the groups that have finished and also adds writing practice to the activity. Can also be used as homework for those that don't finish in class.

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