Stereo Game/ Shotoku Taishi

Group of kids speak/yell their target vocabulary while the rest of the class listens to them. The rest of the class must individually pick out who said what.

Divide kids into groups and have them choose a word they want to practise or give them no choice and hand out a card to each one with the desired vocabulary. Keep it a secret, even from their own group. Once they are ready, as a group the Class asks the target question. For instance; How are you? the standing 6 students or 10 students shout out their feelings. "I'm Happy/angry/sad... " but all at the same time. Then the rest of the class must choose one by one. "Kenta is Angry!" "Yes!" then Kenta may sit. one by one the students sit down. if some students remain, have the class ask again. The remaining few may be shy, so dont push too hard. if they don't understand or don't want to speak, that is ok. Move on to the next group.

This activity can be used for Feelings; how are you? I'm hungry. For Birthdays; When is your Birthday? Its in March. (for practicing the months) do it again for once they have learned the dates too! its April 16th. For Do you like questions. what animal do you like? I like_______.

Total 1

Estimated time: 10 minutes

Submitted by: Creag_Sapporo

June 22, 2020

OdafromTaijima June 26, 2020

I think this ! Its no prep but seems like it would be fun!

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