Is This My Furoshiki?

An interactive story the whole class can enjoy !

Oh no ! Shirokuma has lost his furoshiki. Let's help him find it !

This is a flexible, interactive story aimed at younger ES students. This activity can be used as a fun warmup, a way to drill grammar or as a cute way to fill the last 5 minutes of a class !


nothing. nada. nill. Just read through the instructions !

How to use

I have included instructions within the powerpoint on how the automatic parts of the story work and when you can interact with it. Below is a summary but please read the instructions for a more detailed explanation !

  • Start the story on the title slide. Once you move onto the slide after, you do not need to click anything until slide 15.
  • Once on slide 15, click the individual characters to go to their slides and open their boxes. Click the character in the middle to return to slide 15
  • Once all characters have disappeared from above Shirokuma on slide 15, click Shirokuma to continue the automatic story entil the end screen.

Suggested way to use

As stated above, you may use this acitivty to practice grammar or just as a time filler. If you are using it to practice grammar then this is my suggested way:

  • Once you start opening the characters boxes, point to the items that appear and say "this is furoshiki". The students will quickly try to correct you !
  • Then, once you have been sternly corrected by a class of 7 year olds, change your sentence to "this is [item on screen]" and have the students repeat it back to you.
  • Do this for all of the boxes on each character slide. This will give you 16 chances to drill the "this is ____" grammar.
  • Let the automatic ending play out for the students.


  • Depending on your students level, instead of saying "this is furoshiki" you could ask them "is this furoshiki?".
  • Where you are drilling "this is" you can usually find a way to include "that is" too !
  • I have also included a 'manual' version where the slides do not progress automatically in case there is a want for it.

Overall, this activity is meant to be a bit of fun and entertainment for the student whilst you covertly slide some grammar practice in there. The usual lower ES approach :)

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Is This My Furoshiki (Interactive Shirokuma Story).pptx (6.97 MB)
  • Is This My Furoshiki (Interactive Shirokuma Story - manual version).pptx (6.97 MB)
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    Submitted by TakoyakiTacos June 30, 2023 Estimated time: 5 - 15 minutes
    1. Listener June 30, 2023

      beautifully made

    2. Bonjure289 June 30, 2023

      How adorable! I am sure my special needs students will love it! Thank you very much!!

    3. Cityfan June 30, 2023

      Lovely presentation!

    4. TakoyakiTacos July 3, 2023

      @Listener @Bonjure289 @Cityfan Thank you for your kind words !

    5. robertsbp July 4, 2023

      So super cute!!

    6. TakoyakiTacos July 5, 2023

      @robertsbp Thank you :) I see lots of sumikko gurashi pencil cases, stickers, erasers etc amongst my lower ES students !

    7. apantalena July 6, 2023

      Great concept! Silent animation made tastefully.

    8. TakoyakiTacos July 7, 2023

      @apantalena Thank you :) In all honestly, I would rather include sound effects in there too .. However I only work on these things whilst I am at school so there are limitations to what I can do !

    9. ohnoko July 12, 2023

      This is great! My 4th graders went through 3/4 characters, then when is was just one character left, they all shouted "Shirokuma!!" They guessed the trick and were very proud of themselves haha. Thanks for sharing! ^^

    10. TakoyakiTacos July 13, 2023

      @ohnoko You just can't fool some of these kids ! Thank you for the feedback and glad your students enjoyed it :)

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