Gehn's Labyrinth 2

Maze game with maps

This is the sequel to Gehn's Labyrinth.

It should work on touch screens as well as mouse/keyboard.

One player has a map printed, communicates directions to the other player. Stimulates conversation, etc.

Get keys, open switches, avoid monsters. All the adventuring goodness.

Or, as ChatGPT would say: "Gehn's Labyrinth 2 is an educational game that combines fun and learning. Players must navigate through a dungeon maze to find treasure, while avoiding monsters along the way. With a partner who holds the map, players must communicate effectively to overcome obstacles and reach their goal. With engaging gameplay and educational value, Gehn's Labyrinth 2 is the ultimate adventure for players of all ages."

Alternative link

Small files
  • Maps for Gehn.pdf (411 KB)
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    Submitted by Aurora Edutainment April 11, 2023 Estimated time: 10-20 minutes
    1. Metapod April 11, 2023

      This is a big step forward in terms of controls compared to the last one. Great job! The chest was quite a small jumpscare haha! Ill keep this in mind for 5th grade UNIT 5, have to check witht the teachers to make sure there arent any easily scared students :D

    2. samirro April 14, 2023

      I think this is really great and the monsters and lighting are not as scary as the first game! I might have missed it but taking out the ability to get rid of the monsters like the first game might cause them to just be focused on running away rather than giving directions for younger students.

    3. Aurora Edutainment April 17, 2023

      Updated with a toggle for if you want monsters or not :D

    4. AariCynward April 21, 2023

      It looks really cool! But on the first link, I couldn't find anywhere to print maps that the other student could use for guiding. On your alternative link there was a download for maps, but if it's the alternative link most people probably won't click on it

    5. Metapod April 21, 2023

      @AariCynward: The maps for download arent in the game links. Its the small files pdf that say "Maps for Gehn". Its 411KB, try clicking on that file. The maps should be there available for download. Its at the bottom fo the post. Hope this helps!

    6. Viking October 6, 2023

      I'm super excited to play this with my 5th graders! But I was going through all the maps just to be sure everything was working and I noticed that the sideways hourglass map might have a glitch? After I pull the lever I get stuck in the tunnel when I try to go back. I don't know if the same problem exists if the kids are playing with touch screen, but at least for me, when playing using the keyboard I get stuck there and have to restart the game every time.

      Thanks for making such a wonderful game!

    7. Charg October 18, 2023

      I just noticed all the runes on top of the maps... There is definitely some ancient wisdom hidden in the ones I've translated so far. ^_^

    8. acole28 October 25, 2023

      I'm trying this with touch screen controls but I can only look around while using an ipad with no keyboard. Can't move forward or anything like that. Am I missing something?

    9. kamgogogo January 25, 2024

      Thank you. This was awesome. My students had some problems when entering the tunnel though. At times, they get stuck and can't move, so we just avoided that map as a whole. But overall, they had so much fun! Thank you so much!!

    10. RedMusashi13 February 7, 2024

      I'm a little late to this post. Fantastic game! I just wondered, how does this work in a classroom? The students have free movement, so what is stopping them not listening to the direction giver and simply trying to find their own way without using English to communicate? In Gehn's Labyrinth 1, the enforced stopping and inability to turn and move at the same time controlled this, but here it seems like there aren't any clear ways to do so, except m\by trusting the students not to cheat.

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