Directions & Places

Giving and receiving directions

Students learn about giving directions and common places found in their area.
Directions Practive Level 1: along with the ALT, students follow the directions as instructed, e.g., turn left, turn right, go straight 2 steps, go back one big step.
Directions Practive Level 2: with their eyes closed, students follow the directions as instructed, e.g., turn left, turn right, etc., at the end of the exercise all should be facing in a particular direction.
Directions Practive Level 3: ALT asks 2 student to volunteer, one will be the place (supermarket, post offcie, etc.), the other will be the walker who asks the talker (ALT) for directions like Where is the post office?. Using the desks as blocks, the walker shall follow the directions of the talker until they are arrive at their destination. This can be repeated with the ALT but students should be able to be TALKER, WALKER and PLACE after 2 tries.
This activity is ideal for ES and JHS students.
Mystery Blocks is game to see if each can find a specific place on the map which has a specific starting point. The script and powerpoint presentation is provided.

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    Submitted by klstoujour June 13, 2023 Estimated time: About 15 min.
    1. Fernand June 13, 2023

      Nicely done! I don't know if your students have troubles to use the word block. My students can't count properly the blocks. Some of them count the streets, or they count the start point as the first block. So I named the streets, and they use the frase "turn right-letf at @@@ street". If you have some difficulties with blocks, try this solution.

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