Minecraft NH1 Review

Review Units 5-7 after winter break for 1st years!

This uses Mr.Boverc's minecraft template, from youtube(, with an additional 10 questions as I found the normal amount would not suffice. I also added some more mini-games to go with the additional questions.

I left the questions filled in case one does not have time to fill them in, but feel free to make any changes to adjust to your class. There is also a boss battle inspired from GBE's Zelda Treasure quest, with instructions written in ppt for you to read on how to exit and earn points.

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  • Minecraft Map (1st years) FIXED.pptx (354 MB)
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    Submitted by hotokeki January 17, 2023 Estimated time: Full class time
    1. biz2y January 18, 2023

      This is fantastic! The team select screen and the question select screen in particular are extremely taxing on the school PCs i have here, so i edited them to make them more lightweight, and now the game runs like a dream! really excited to use this game with all year levels! thanks for sharing.

      PS. If anybody does want to make the game more lightweight, the letters on the question select screen are all high-res images. swap them ALL to low res versions and disable the glow effect.

    2. hotokeki January 19, 2023

      @biz2y Yeah, I noticed that too! So for the 2nd and 3rd years, I just got rid of it overall and switched to writing the points on the blackboard.

    3. slmpks January 25, 2023

      Great game, I will use this tomorrow, thank you! One quick question - what do you do when theh students answer incorrectly? As I understand, it only goes to the point options (choose a box etc.) when you answer correctly. If they answer incorrectly, it just goes back to the scoreboard. What would be the logistics of play here? Would you know the correct answer before they answer, and then if they said the wrong one, you ask another team to try? Thanks in advance!

    4. hotokeki January 26, 2023

      @simpks I know the answers beforehand, so before I click the wrong one, I say the correct answer and then click the wrong one to go back to the scoreboard. I don't really let other teams try for this version. Hope that helps!

    5. slmpks February 20, 2023

      Thank you for your reply! That makes sense. I also noticed, on the question select slide, the number "8" link didn't seem to work for me, but that might be something I accidentally edited without noticing. Just posting here to check.

    6. hotokeki March 16, 2023

      @simpks You're right, I fixed the 8 problem. Thanks for telling me!

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