Activities posted by jiggswalsh

  • Christmas survey now live - please share!

    A link to the survey to collect information on non-Japanese ways of celebrating Christmas!

  • A BIG survey! Christmas Edition.

    **The survey is now live. Check that activity for update/comments**


    Kill your students in this point based review game.

  • 1 Minute Challenge!

    Challenge passing students to talk in English for 1 minute to get a sticker!

  • A BIG survey!

    I did a bigger than expected survey among people not living in Japan and made a quiz out of it!

  • Venus Fly Trap

    Points based game for grammar practice or review activities.

  • Drawing Challenge

    Students complete a task then have to draw something and their English teacher guesses what it is!

  • New Horizon JHS Memrise courses

    New Horizon Memrise vocabulary courses for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grader textbooks.

  • Secret Attack

    A quiz game to practice specific grammar or also good for year reviews.

  • Various Points Games

    Various points games/Review activities

  • Translation Challenges - Unit Review Sentences

    20 Japanese-English sentences covering each unit of the New Horizon junior high school textbooks and some full textbook review questions.

  • Late for school - If I were you, I would....

    Short scene to play through to get the students to practice the target sentence

  • King Charlie III

    Activity for the coronation of King Charles III

  • Super Punch-Out

    A boxing based points game.

  • Betting on the Gee-gees (horses)!

    Fun quiz to give the students a taste of the races!

  • Connect 4!

    The classic game for use in translation races or similar acivities.

  • "May I ~?" / "Could you ~?" questions

    May I ~? / Could you ~? practice for New Horizons - Let‘s talk 2

  • JHS Grammar Introductions

    Short PowerPoints for introducing/reviewing grammar points.

  • When/If Psychology test!

    A short test that students fill out, then find out what it means!

  • Setsubun! 節分

    Points based PowerPoint for throwing soybeans at a nasty demon!