Freestyle Othello

Students play an Othello-inspired game while practicing relative pronouns with a partner.

The worksheet has a 5x5 grid, which isn't big enough for a proper game of Othello, so I changed one of the rules, which made it really fun: you can choose any square on the grid instead of only being able to choose an adjacent square. Practice a game of Othello this way as a class before applying any grammar to it.

After practicing, hand out the worksheet. Each square has a picture, and if the student wants to mark that square, they have to make a sentence describing the picture. For example, for the scissors square, they could say, "This is an object that cuts paper."

This was very difficult the first year I did it, so this year I added a hint sheet on the back of the game to guide them. I told them they could use the hint sheet or come up with their original sentences if they wanted a challenge.

*Note: remind them to use a pencil instead of a pen since they'll be erasing a bunch.

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    Submitted by rebvandev December 3, 2020 Estimated time: 25-30 minutes

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