Feud of the MUMMIES

A feud style quiz game

UPDATED Version: This includes a free speak section in the middle and writing at the end. The points are 2,3,4, 6 and -4 so even after the mummy or big treasure students can answer for 1 point if they want.

Introduce the language point and then go onto the quiz game. This type of game is meant to be played in rows. Each row is a team. For the first question the first student in each row stands up and raises their hand to try and answer the question. The questions should be such that more than one answer is possible. If the first student to raise their hand gives a good answer they select a lettter from A to F and recieve points. At which point another team will have a chance to answer. Continue until somebody gets the Mummy or the Treasure room. Then do an answer check. Have the first row sit down and have the second row stand up to do the next question. I usually do 12 questions, enough for each student to possibly have two chances.

You click on the answer for the hyperlink to the next slide. You can click on the sun or the moon to go to end of game.

I've made this to practice INDIRECT QUESTIONS but of course the questions can be changed for other grammar points.

With the indirection question version students must complete the indirect statement for example 'I know ____ she lives' to 'I know where she lives' plus provide the answer 'She lives in ____' becomes 'She lives in America'.

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    Submitted by UonumaRobert January 13, 2021 Estimated time: 20 to 25 minutes
    1. SolanKJ October 4, 2023

      What a Godsend this has proven to be. When I say "I struggled to find something for this grammar point", I really mean struggle. I should it to my JTEs and they loved it (another plus). Thank you for your hard work.

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