How to make a powerpoint Point Game

I've had a few of my coworkers ask to make these.

I'm sure you can find this information on the internet but I figured I'd post this here. I love power point point games. Very simple to make, simple to edit and kids love them.

This might also help you edit other people's powerpoints.

I hope these instructions make sense.

This is using powerpoint 2010 and beyond. Before that I've no idea.

Added making bombs for minus points.

UPDATE. I've added a powerpoint with some suggestions for adding audio or video. I hope it makes sense. I whipped it together pretty quickly. The main thing to note is you need to WAV files for most audio stuff in powerpoint. I don't use videos much with powerpoint so I don't know a lot about that.

  • rebvandev July 30, 2020

    I'm commenting on this so it shows up on the front page because I think everyone should read through this. I never realized the invisibility option with objects. To think this whole time I've been repeatedly hitting "send to back" "bring forward" over and over again...Thanks for the tips!

  • UonumaRobert July 30, 2020

    Thanks. When a friend showed me how to use the objects list menu and rename objects it really opened doors for building and editing powerpoints.

  • bealesarkozy August 18, 2020

    I can never seem to embed an audio or video into Microsoft ppt and it works. Can you offer some assistance with this?

  • UonumaRobert August 18, 2020

    There are a few ways to do it. If you want to play an audio file with an animation you do it in the animation pane under options. The audio file must be a WAV file. Powerpoint won't recognize mp3 files.

  • UonumaRobert August 18, 2020

    Hi Bealesarkozy. I've added a powerpoint with some suggestions for adding audio and video. I hope it helps. The main thing about audio files is that have to be WAV files and not mp3 for the most part. I don't know much about video.

  • bealesarkozy August 19, 2020

    Thank you so much. All my files were mp3 and mp4 this is quite useful. 👍

  • Tyler October 21, 2021

    Robert, you are truly the MVP. Been going through your various resources. Made an account just to say, THANK YOU.

  • UonumaRobert October 21, 2021

    Thanks Tyler, I'm glad you've gotten use from my stuff.

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