How to make a powerpoint Point Game

I've had a few of my coworkers ask to make these.

I added a thing for making an even Excel/word styled grid. It is really easy but I never realized you could do it until recently. If I had it would have made a lot of my stuff much cleaner looking.

I'm sure you can find this information on the internet but I figured I'd post this here. I love power point point games. Very simple to make, simple to edit and kids love them.

This might also help you edit other people's powerpoints.

I hope these instructions make sense.

This is using powerpoint 2010 and beyond. Before that I've no idea.

Added making bombs for minus points.

UPDATE. I've added a powerpoint with some suggestions for adding audio or video. I hope it makes sense. I whipped it together pretty quickly. The main thing to note is you need to WAV files for most audio stuff in powerpoint. I don't use videos much with powerpoint so I don't know a lot about that.

Small files
  • Jeopardy Point Box Examples.pptx (34.8 KB)
  • Like this maybe.pptx (153 KB)
  • Changing Face with Gradient Bar.pptx (37.8 KB)
  • Making a clean grid.pptx (726 KB)
  • Niigata in process.pptx (973 KB)
  • JunosNiigataBattleMap.pptx (134 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • How to make Point Boxes.pptx (12.5 MB)
  • sound and video suggestions.pptx (2.72 MB)
  • How to Make Race Cars.pptx (4.15 MB)
  • How to CTRL H.pptx (1.18 MB)
  • Making an Ipad Friendly Grid Game Home Screen.pptx (4.44 MB)
    1. rebvandev July 30, 2020

      I'm commenting on this so it shows up on the front page because I think everyone should read through this. I never realized the invisibility option with objects. To think this whole time I've been repeatedly hitting "send to back" "bring forward" over and over again...Thanks for the tips!

    2. UonumaRobert July 30, 2020

      Thanks. When a friend showed me how to use the objects list menu and rename objects it really opened doors for building and editing powerpoints.

    3. bealesarkozy August 18, 2020

      I can never seem to embed an audio or video into Microsoft ppt and it works. Can you offer some assistance with this?

    4. UonumaRobert August 18, 2020

      There are a few ways to do it. If you want to play an audio file with an animation you do it in the animation pane under options. The audio file must be a WAV file. Powerpoint won't recognize mp3 files.

    5. UonumaRobert August 18, 2020

      Hi Bealesarkozy. I've added a powerpoint with some suggestions for adding audio and video. I hope it helps. The main thing about audio files is that have to be WAV files and not mp3 for the most part. I don't know much about video.

    6. bealesarkozy August 19, 2020

      Thank you so much. All my files were mp3 and mp4 this is quite useful. 👍

    7. Tyler October 21, 2021

      Robert, you are truly the MVP. Been going through your various resources. Made an account just to say, THANK YOU.

    8. UonumaRobert October 21, 2021

      Thanks Tyler, I'm glad you've gotten use from my stuff.

    9. UonumaRobert January 27, 2022

      @dp911 I added a file on how I make racers and controllers. I hope its helpful. I included one way of making the car go backwards as well. I should mention I've seen racers done in other ways but I couldn't figure them out. Somebody else might know.

    10. GameBoyEnhanced November 15, 2022

      Hey man, thanks for your advice on my kirby game! I figured out the problem and managed to get the file size down to about 40mb, but thanks for putting in the effort to try and optimize it! Definitely some good tricks to know for later. I grabbed your file conversions since I think they'll still come in handy ^^ Thanks again man, am going try out your other stuff while I'm here too!

    11. UonumaRobert November 15, 2022

      It was no problem. I'm glad you found a solution.

    12. genieg July 7, 2023

      I always admire people who makes time to be very helpful. I have 0 knowledge in making power point games. Thanks so much you rock!!

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