Sentence re-arranging

Help students focus in on sentence structures and correct use of particles in this fun team game. Complete with power point extra game

Print out and cut out however many copies of the card sets you need - I use seven copies for a class size averaging fourty or more, which usually ends up with groups of 4, 5 or 6 students per team depending on absences.

First introduce the idea of the game, that you're re-arranging words to make seven sentences - maybe demonstrate with your OTE. The idea is pretty simple though so they should get it quick enough

Let them know that there are seven possible sentences and highlight to them the the full stops and capital letters which are in the cards.

Depending on how good their level is they may finish more or less quickly, regardless be sure to spend a lot of time going to each team, helping them make their sentences. You'll be surprised how even low level classes can come up with novel sentences that you never intended.

I used sentences from New Crown Three and graded it to my students level, which to be honest isn't super high, but you can obviously use these templates to save time making your own at a much higher or much lower level.

At the end, you can make it extra competetive by doing the sentence re-arranger powerpoint race I've included - I don't give them any timer just let them raise their hands when they know the answe. If it's tough just click the slide and a word will appear to help them along.

Submitted by LeoC91 January 24, 2023 Estimated time: 25-35 minutes total including explaination

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