Name/from/like interview sheet for 6th graders

An activity that helps get students to practice their names, say the names of countries and say something that they like ( colour &sport).

Hand out a copy of the work sheet to all the students. Also give them a country "card". Most students in the class are from the same country (esp. in Japan). The students should write their name/"country" and the colour and sport that they each like.
When they have written their name/country/likes it would be good to practice saying the sentences. You may need to go help those who have trouble pronouncing words. If you want the students to practice the questions too then please do so.
With writing and practicing out of the way next is interview time. Let the students interview other members in the class and take notes. (You could get them to interview people sitting nearby or let them wander around and ask anyone that they want to).

This is an acivity I plan to do for 6th grade , using New. Horizon as a base. Its for Unit 1.

Submitted by Furachan April 14, 2023 Estimated time: Over 10 minutes.

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