I am~ / I like~

This is a listening activity using "I am~" and "I like~" sentence patterns.

  1. Practice the sentence patterns altogether.
  2. Group the students with 3 or 4 members each group.
  3. Distribute the game cards, one per group. I recommend you print them on A3 size and laminate.
  4. Have the students decide their order by janken.
  5. Show an example. (I like bananas. I like music. I don't like animals.)
  6. Let the students shout their answer but encourage them to say in complete sentence like "I am Ms. Brown."
  7. If you feel that students understood how the game should be played, then proceed. If not, give some more practice.
  8. Call out all students #1. They are the first players.
  9. Give 3 hints. Tell them to raise a hand if they know the answer. Fastest one can answer but in case they raised hands at the same time, what I did was I asked my JTE to play janken with them until one winner stands out.
  10. If the answer is correct, let the student play the roulette. Click anywhere in the roulette picture to start and click again to stop.
  11. I usually ask them to say "Start" and "Stop" so that students have the command what score can they draw. I am the one operating the roulette.
  12. The game is pretty flexible as depending on the time you require it played on.
  13. Good luck and let me know in the comment section how did it go with your classes.
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    Submitted by ronjacob5258 May 12, 2023 Estimated time: 30 minutes or more or less; flexible

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