Pokemon Battle Challenge! (fixed)

Simple Pokemon battle game! Choose your Pokemon and answer simple English questions to become a Pokemon master!

MUST BE PLAYED IN GOOGLE SLIDES! It won't work in regular Powerpoint :)

Hopefully fixed version of the Pokemon Battle powerpoint game!
Game was designed for my Grade 5 students as a way to revise Unit 1/2 from Here We Go! but changing the questions to match your target revision points is super easy :)
Choose your Pokemon by clicking on the image; you will play as that Pokemon.
Click the right answer to progress to the battle finish screen!

I chose the Pokemon based on students favourites, so the selection is a bit random. If you want to change it to ones your students like, just right click and swap out the image, it will keep its scale and animations that way :)

This is my first time making a powerpoint game. I hope it works okay and it's fun for you and your students :)

Asset credit and font info is on the credit slide in the powerpoint!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Grade 5 Revision Pokemon Battle FIXED.pptx (7.75 MB)
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    Submitted by chiikawa May 19, 2023 Estimated time: 10-20min depending on level of your class
    1. stevenyc113 May 22, 2023

      great job. only suggest is to add A ,b , c, d options for students when choosing. thought its easily fixed by making for boxes on a board and just adding the letters. its really cool though. very high quality pictures, text and all. thanks for your hard work.

    2. chiikawa May 22, 2023

      @stevenyc113 Thank you!! That didn't occur to me! I will add those next time :)

    3. srunyon415 May 23, 2023

      Amazing work!!!

    4. Marcus May 24, 2023

      Wow ! Only been on here for two week but this is the first time I am really impressed by a game upload. I'm thinking about adding sounds but Ill see what I can do. Thank you!

    5. chiikawa May 24, 2023

      @Marcus thanks! I wanted to add sounds as well, but honestly I wasn't sure how to (interface is entirely in Japanese and I'm a rusty N3) so I just stuck to playing BGM in a different tab, lol

      For my next game I'll try to figure out sfx and bgm built into the game itself!

    6. LyricaLottie May 31, 2023

      Very very cute! Only things that immediately stick out to me are that Fuecoco's Japanese name is Hogator (ホゲータ) with an H, not a P, and the spelling on Mimikyuu/Mimikyu isn't consistent. Looks really good overall, though!!

    7. ohohnina June 22, 2023

      Hello, the game you made is AMAZING! Thank you! I have 22 students in my class. Can this game be played in groups? or as a whole class? In order for them to become a Pokémon master?

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